Managed Cloud

The comprehensive suite of managed services BTT Cloud provide allow you to focus your attention on core business operations, while trusting BTT Cloud as the manager of the IT infrastructure. After a deep analysis of your technical requirements and business goals, we'll work with you to develop, deploy, and maintain your ideal managed solution.

Cloud Management Services

Reliable and efficient cloud solutions according to your business requirements

Cloud Management Services

Reliable and efficient cloud solutions according to your business requirements.

Management & Optimisation

After cloud migration, we will work alongside you through the cloud optimisation and management to attain maximum results.

Cloud Migration

A comprehensive migration process engineered for success and speed, followed by testing and validation.

Cloud Enablement

Our experts will work together with you to assess your cloud readiness and prepare the cloud architecture design.
Cloud Platforms
BTT Cloud expertise among world's leading clouds together with a comprehensive suite of managed services.
BTT Cloud
Our own cloud is an innovative cloud platform for those who are looking for security, flexibility, and unlimited scalability.

Microsoft Azure

BTT Cloud provides public, private, and hybrid IT environments on the Microsoft Cloud Platform based on your company requirements.

Digital Ocean

Droplets are loved by thousands of developers around the globe, however sometimes lack of time or expertise result in a poor performance. Ensure that your Digital Ocean servers are managed and monitored 24x7.


Secure, reliable, and elastic. World's largest public cloud paired with the knowledge of BTT Cloud experts will bring stability and peace of mind to your business with the data hosted in a secure and compliant environment.

Get started with the Cloud

At BTT Cloud, we understand that every client's needs are unique, and no journey to the cloud is the same. Lots of questions and challenges drive your organization's interest in both cloud and traditional infrastructures. We are here to answer the questions and provide with the information you need. Let us help you.
We are new to the Cloud
We use both Cloud and
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