Amazon Web Services

Maximise your Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud capabilities by partnering with BTT Cloud

Combine the power of the AWS world-leading cloud platform and BTT expertise in the field and maximise your cloud capabilities with AWS Managed Services.

Our Managed AWS Services enable you to take advantage of a world-renowned cloud platform, while scaling as your business grows. Additionally, you can save significantly with our pay-as-you-go pricing model, and retain peace of mind that your data resides in a reliable and secure global cloud computing infrastructure. We will also help you to simplify operations by offering management and monitoring services.

Why should I trust BTT Cloud to lead my company through its AWS journey?

Always Available

BTT Cloud ensures high availability for everything hosted in the Cloud. We provide 24/7/365 business critical support and monitoring, and an immediate response whenever you need one

Smooth Communication

AWS managed services aren’t solely about the technology; communication is just as important. You will always enjoy direct communication with the engineers who architect and migrate your company to the AWS cloud

Cost and Performance Optimisation

A strong partnership equals savings. We will review your current infrastructure and plan its management with the goal of increasing performance and cost efficiency

Proactive Approach

The days of fixing issues are over. A proactive approach allows us to identify performance and security problems long before they occur, to keep your systems running perpetually

Delivery of all-inclusive AWS capabilities

BTT’s experts will work with you to design, deploy and maintain an efficiently-sized AWS environment that is tailored to your organisation’s workload and applications
At BTT, your cloud journey will start with the cloud readiness assessment, which evaluates your current infrastructure, resulting in creation of a cloud adoption strategy and soon thereafter, cloud architecture design
During this step, your AWS environments will be configured and deployed according to the corresponding strategy, and aligned with your business goals. The next step entails testing and performance optimisation
Business security is more important than ever. Our security services place necessary
solutions at your disposal to protect your mission-critical data so you can
focus on your key business objectives instead

Amazon cloud features

Cost-effective solution

No long-term investments, and no minimum or up-front payments required; pay only for needed resources.

Elasticity and scalability

Using AWS tools, your applications can scale up or down according to the demand. Amazon’s massive infrastructure gives you access to computer and storage resources when you need them.


With AWS, take advantage of a world-renowned cloud computing infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and trusted by millions of companies around the globe.

Advanced security

AWS services are built to meet the industry’s highest security standards and best practices. Amazon also conducts extensive audits to demonstrate and ensure each infrastructure’s security.
Your questions about AWS answered

Q: Why choose AWS instead of BTT Cloud or Microsoft Azure?

A: Your organisation’s requirements and challenges faced daily dictate which cloud model is the best fit for you. At BTT, we will work with you to determine which approach best suits your organisation’s needs whether it’s BTT Cloud, AWS, Azure or a hybrid environment.

Q: Will the AWS public cloud meet our company’s needs, or do I need to invest in a private cloud?

Our cloud assessment provides an all-around view of the organization. We carefully examine the data flow, application integration dependencies, and the component structure. Working together with the stakeholders, we research application workflow and ensure the requirements and time frames are met.

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