Cloud Architecture Design

Cloud adoption made simple
BTT’s cloud adoption process includes a custom cloud architecture design crafted to align with your organisation’s strategy and business priorities. This design will function as a solid background to help your company flourish.

After the Cloud Readiness Assessment is conducted to examine current infrastructure, a Cloud Architecture Design strategy that best fits your company’s needs will be built.
Cloud Architecture Design strategy: What clients should know

Q: Why is a Cloud Architecture Design strategy necessary for my organisation?

A move to the Cloud is a proven and recognised way to release a company’s potential. However, altering a business’s method of operation isn’t always straightforward. With so many platforms and solutions offered in the market, it becomes necessary to take a broader approach. BTT’s Cloud Architecture Design strategy applies Cloud Readiness Assessment data to customise this approach to best fit your business aims and challenges, whether it involves a private, public or hybrid cloud. Working jointly with your company’s stakeholders, we will simplify migration complexity and assure 0 downtime.

Q: What will our Cloud Architecture Design strategy include?

Our cloud assessment provides an all-around view of the organization. We carefully examine the data flow, application integration dependencies, and the component structure. Working together with the stakeholders, we research application workflow and ensure the requirements and time frames are met.

Q: How can I turn my Cloud Architecture Design strategy into reality?

BTT will put your Cloud Architecture Design strategy into action during the next step – Cloud Migration. You can be assured that the project will be executed smoothly and in a timely manner, while working closely with the stakeholders to enact a successful transfer to the Cloud.

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