Cloud Readiness Assessment

Successful transfer
to the cloud starts with a comprehensive readiness assessment
Moving to the Cloud can be a complex journey. Decisions made during the process will have important implications on your business in the years to come, and mistakes can be expensive. That’s why it is crucial for someone to guide you.

BTT’s extensive expertise within both cloud and traditional IT infrastructures ensures efficient cloud adoption via careful planning and preparation.
Cloud Readiness Assessment to get you started

Q: Why is the assessment necessary for my organisation?

A careful assessment is the first step to take when migrating to the Cloud and solving business challenges. Extensive information gathering and evaluation of current infrastructure and internal documentation will start the process of producing desired results and preventing mistakes that could arise later. Comprehensive research into your infrastructure readiness to move concludes with a documented migration strategy that simplifies the adoption process.

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Q: What does an assessment consist of?

Our cloud assessment provides an all-around view of the organisation. We carefully examine the data flow, application integration dependencies, and component structure. Working together with the stakeholders, we research application workflow and ensure the requirements and desired time frames are met.

Q: What will the assessment examine?

We provide our clients with a 360° view of existing infrastructures, as well as identify challenges that could surface in the future, so they will know what to expect and how to plan for an obstacle-free cloud adoption.

Q: What’s next after the assessment?

Our cloud professionals will guide you to the next phase of your cloud journey – cloud architecture design and documented recommendations on security, connectivity, and storage. Additionally, we will take into consideration your future scaling possibilities and will provide you with recommendations for changing your steady legacy components to the robust cloud-native equivalents.

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