Digital Ocean

Focus on your websites, and BTT Cloud team will take care of everything else

Growing a business takes a great deal of time and energy, and often addressing server management is postponed until it’s too late. Data loss, poor site performance, and security breaches can significantly impact your business and the price could be paid by the loss in customer trust, loyalty, or other important aspects.

Digital Ocean is one of the fastest growing web hosts, providing secure and scalable cloud servers called droplets that can be deployed in a couple of minutes and used for running tests as well as long-term hosting.

Why choose Digital Ocean Managed Services by BTT Cloud?

Support and expertise 24/7

Our experienced engineers are ready to help when you need it, and proactive monitoring will ensure issue-free operations from day one.

Resources forecast

A pay-as-you-go pricing model can sometimes be difficult to budget in advance. We will help you strategize and prepare a clear budget prediction that will correspond to reality as closely as possible.

All in One

BTT Cloud experts can deploy public, private or hybrid cloud environments according to your needs and preferences and manage them in their entirety.

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