Microsoft Azure

Bring value to your business with Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Together, with BTT Cloud experts and a Microsoft Azure solution, build a long-term strategy that reduces undue costs and increases efficiency.

At BTT, we ask the right questions to understand your business, and your needs. Our customised approach to managing and supporting your Microsoft Azure infrastructure ensures you gain the best outcome from Azure deployment.

The BTT team will manage and support your Azure environment 24/7/365 through consultation along the way about how to get the most out of your cloud deployment and reach your business goals.

Why trust BTT Cloud for Microsoft Azure Management?

Continuous Support

One of the best service level agreements in the industry and 24/7/365 support ensures your infrastructure is managed and under control around the clock

Cloud Cycle Management

Experienced cloud professionals lead cloud architecture planning, implementation, migration and management, as well as provide recommendations for the adoption of the latest technological solutions

Broad Choice

Our services are flexible; custom solutions assure every client’s needs and business goals are being met

Full Services Package

Robust managed services package for back-up, scaling, database, OS, network, storage, security and provisioning, all under one roof

Azure expertise from the very beginning

Our engineers will prepare a customised plan for your transfer to Azure and manage the entire life cycle. Starting from the cloud readiness assessment, Azure cloud adoption with our managed services will be as simple and uncomplicated.
Throughout your infrastructure assessment and application analysis, we will determine an achievable and actionable Azure migration strategy and execution plan that meets budget and time constraints
Azure migration services take the risk out of moving core applications with complex workloads
While working with you, we provide ongoing monitoring and cloud optimisation that allows you to work efficiently

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