Private Cloud

The Cloud, delivered and designed according to your needs

BTT’s private cloud delivers a dedicated platform, giving you the capacity, flexibility and agility to meet your company’s specific demands and the speed of your business processes. Furnished along with other services, such as firewalling and load balancing, BTT Cloud ensures requirements are met, and environments optimised to drive your business forward.

Why trust BTT Cloud to lead your private cloud journey

Reduced expenditure

Consistent and clear cost structure, significantly reduced CAPEX, and optimised OPEX cuts down IT expenditure and permits your business to bring in more profit.

24/7/365 service

High performance servers ensure 24/7 uptime and consistency while facilitating your ability to provide the best customer experience possible.

Unlimited growth

High performance scalable solution helps you steer your business’s success, exhibit more agility and remain a few steps ahead of your competitors.

Tamed risk

Firewalls and back-up solutions combined with carefully documented procedures help to overcome the risk and reach new safety standards for the businesses.
Questions about Private Cloud answered

Q: Why should I choose a private cloud?

All cloud models have certain benefits. When choosing a cloud for your company, some aspects, such as industry, regulation, needs, etc. should be considered. At BTT, we work with customers to identify key elements to assist with choosing between a hybrid, public, or private cloud.

Q: Will a private cloud’s performance meet my expectations?

BTT professionals will ensure that your private cloud will remain a secure and compliant environment, designed to deliver maximum performance with flexibility that remains throughout your cloud journey.

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