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BTT Cloud provides enterprise-level public cloud managed services for AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure public cloud platforms.

Leveraging the efficiency and scalability of world-leading AWS and Azure cloud platforms is a goal for numerous companies around the globe. However, lack of in-house skills or resources could present challenges to successful implementation of AWS or Azure in an organisation. Choosing the right partner to manage your public cloud environments is critical.

Our public cloud experts will:

  • Plan and design your public cloud environment
  • Configure and deploy public cloud IaaS, as well as connected applications and services
  • Integrate public cloud services with company’s current infrastructure
  • Provide managed services for IaaS and applications along with technical support 24/7, back-ups, and monitoring of the performance.

The benefits of public cloud managed services for your business:

  • Transparent costs system, allowing more control and more accurate costs allocation
  • Unbound resources allowing you to focus on core business operations instead of managing infrastructure
  • Rapidly evolving services that keep your company far ahead of the competition
  • Standardised processes and applications

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