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From now on, we have a complete package of total visibility and intelligence to successfully manage and optimize AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Why CloudCheckr?

CloudCheckr – is the ultimate leader in independent cloud platform management solutions.
CloudCheckr unifies IT, security and finance teams around the cloud and provides deep insight into cost and resource optimisation, automation, and security recommendations.
Customers value CloudCheckr for its‘ significantly reduced manual work, human error, and the day-to-day management of the complex Cloud infrastructure, whilst also enabling more dynamic operations.

Cloud Check Up

CloudCheckr employs 600+ Best Practice checks to monitor cost, security, usage, and availability across your cloud environment. The Cloud Check Up is 100% managed, with no interruption of service, performance strains or security vulnerabilities. The Cloud Check Up uses your cloud and shows your opportunities to save valuable budget, fix over – spending and identify security and compliance breaks.
Learn how to save 30% or more on your cloud computing bill immediately. Request a free Cloud Check Up report today.
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“BTT Cloud is the official representative of CloudCheckr in the Baltic States. Through our partnership we tend to not only introduce new services, but also provide our customers with advanced, and more timely insights on how to further automate and optimise their existing Cloud infrastructure.”
Vytenis Sakalas, BTT Cloud Sales Manager.

Master the Challenges!

Manage and allocate Cloud costs, optimise spending, and save money

• 80% of companies exceed their Cloud budgets
• Unforeseen Cloud costs are often addressed after- the- fact
• Monitoring and managing a complex Cloud infrastructure becomes extremely complex and requires a lot of effort and leads to many human errors

Achieve unrivalled security of a dynamic and modern cloud environment

• 60% of IT professionals fear they won ‘t be able to protect company data in the Cloud
• With multiple access points on the Cloud platform and frequent deployments, manual security monitoring becomes extremely challenging

Maintain compliance and ensure your cloud is audit – ready

• 70% of companies admit they don’t have full insight on how to ensure all activities meet legal and regulatory requirements. This can usually be noticed only after an incident has occurred or when an external audit is performed
• Preparing for an audit requires a significant amount of time, energy, and effort

CloudCheckr Products

CloudCheckr CMx

The end-to-end cloud management platform to control cost, ensure security, optimize resources, and enable services.
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CloudCheckr CMx High Security

An advanced data security configuration – for organisations with stringent regulatory compliance requirements.
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Do you wish to start optimising your Cloud?

Learn how the CloudCheckr CMx platform can help your organisation control costs, ensure security, optimise resources, and enable services for your public cloud environment.

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Customer Reviews

„CloudCheckr Check Up report has opened our eyes and made it easier to spot certain architectural gaps in our AWS infrastructure. We started to see the full picture and finally got the feeling that we have a truly centralised control. This is especially important for us because we have a complex infrastructure and multiple AWS accounts. Which, before we started using CloudCheckr, were like separate worlds that required separate attention, separate analysis and constant management “.
„Cloudcheckr helps us, and our DevOps partner perform efficient optimizations and modifications to our AWS Cloud, resulting in savings of over € 25k in annual operational costs. I think that says a lot".
„Once we started using CloudCheckr, we have been heavily dependent on their security, efficiency and cost savings report. Their recommendations are very effective in helping BTT Cloud and our teams to ensure our Cloud performs like F1"!
“CloudCheckr helps us control our Cloud spending and for that reason this tool has become an integral part of our Cloud journey! It's hard to believe that now we have a tool that is appreciated by both our development and finance departments”.

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