Lenovo workstations set a new standard for productivity and power - reliability and state-of-the-art technology come together. The latest generation of systems ensures impeccable speed and graphics quality and facilitates the work of architects, engineers, designers, financial analysts and scientists.

Why Lenovo?

Lenovo prioritizes power, performance, and reliability when building “ThinkStation” (stationary) and “ThinkPad” (Lenovo portable) workstations. The most innovative components will ensure that even large volumes of work will not be a challenge for the computer, and the unique “Tri-Channel” cooling system and revolutionary design will allow the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processor unit (GPU) to run at maximum capacity while the work is done, and at the same time will keep the components at normal temperatures during the year to keep the workstation running smoothly and serving for years to come.

Workstation is a solution for professionals in various industries

Lenovo workstations helps for you work more efficiently with large amounts of information, complex design elements, 3D models, engineering drawings, and other high-capacity files. But Lenovo is not just about hardware - it's important for software to run smoothly, so Lenovo is working with leading software developers to give your business even more momentum.

Lenovo workstations are ready to process applications in the energy sector - working closely with software developers helps ensure that your applications run great.
Architecture, engineering and construction
Getahead of the competition with an innovative, high-performance and reliableproduct and get BIM and CAD projects ready even faster.
Creative industries
Multi-core processors, high storage capacity, and leading-edge graphics will help unleash creative productivity and deliver projects to market in less time.
Banking, insurance, exchange trading are the industries in which a Lenovo workstation will reveal all its features. The ability to connect up to 8 monitors, ECC memory, 4-core processor will help smooth financial modeling and real-time monitoring.
Medicine and science
Lenovo offers high-performance systems that make it easier to perform resource-intensive tasks in quantum chemistry, bioinformatics, and more.

ISV certified workstations

Every Lenovo workstation model is ISV-tested and certified (Independent Software Vendor) and guarantees maximum compatibility and productivity when working with specialized applications - this advantage is not the case with computers assembled from separate parts. The ISV certificate also means that if you need help, you will receive it immediately - this level of help is only available to certified workstations.

„Lenovo ThinkStation P330“ workstations
with „Windows 10 Pro“ operating system

Critical tasks require the highest levels of reliability and productivity. The P330 is able to cover these two areas, providing comprehensive added value. Latest Intel Core i and professional Xeon processors with ECC error-correction RAM, professional NVIDIA Quadro graphics with virtual reality capability, FLEX module for maximum workstation adaptation and the possibility to install two NVMe SSD drives, several times faster than traditional SATA connection drives, and to use RAID - system-enabled disk duplication technology.

Each workstation is given 36 months warranty with official Lenovo technical support

All components used are official and Lenovo certified

BTT Cloud specialists will take care of the computer up and running for FREE

The workstation will be installed and delivered FREE of charge in just 5 WORKING DAYS!

Choose the right
Lenovo ThinkStation P330 now!

Intel® Xeon® I7-9700K iki 4.9GHz (8 branduoliai)
16 GB (2*8) DDR4 2666 Mhz operatyvioji atmintis
512 GB NVMe SSD kaupiklis
DVD-RW įrenginys
400W Platinum maitinimo blokas Windows 10 Pro operacinė sistema
Originali Lenovo klaviatūra ir pelė komplekte



Intel® Xeon® E-2136 iki 4.5GHz
16 GB (1*16) DDR4 2666 ECC UDIMM operatyvioji  atmintis
256 GB 2.5 SATA SSD kaupiklis
DVD-RW įrenginys
400W Platinum maitinimo blokas
„Windows 10 Pro“ operacinė sistema
Originali „Lenovo“ klaviatūra ir pelė komplekte



Nešiojama darbo stotis
Lenovo Thinkpad P53
15.6 colių, Full HD HDR ekranas
Intel Core i7-9850H iki 4.6GHz (6 branduoliai)
32 GB (2*16) DDR4 2666 Mhz operatyvioji atmintis
NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 6GB vaizdo plokštė
512 GB NVMe SSD kaupiklis
„Windows 10 Pro operacinė sistema



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