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BTT Cloud has partnered with AWS for over a few years as the leading managed cloud and IT services provider in Baltics. We are helping organizations transform how they do business by empowering their unique journeys to AWS.
As an AWS Select Consulting Partner with experienced AWS Certified engineers, we empower our clients with our experience, expertise, and culture to help them plan, migrate, modernize, and manage their business on AWS.


Our AWS professionals together with our trusted partners will provide your business with even more value – we will deliver complete customized solutions, development projects, we will dive deeper into your cyber security issues, and much more. Stay connected and check our packaged cloud solutions.

AWS Cyber Security Assessment and DevSecOps practice implementation
Based on synergy with

Together with Syntricks we will perform deep cyber security testing of your current AWS and application environment and implement cyber security practices into development and operations – DevSecOps

AWS Performance and Cost Optimization
Based on synergy with

Together with Solutionlab we can help you to get more out of your business-critical cloud applications for better price.

CI/CD practice implementation

BTT Cloud will enrich enable your development team with modern CI/CD Pipeline which is one of the best practices to implement, for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably.

      Managed Amazon RDS Operations  

    BTT Cloud team will migrate your legacy DB to Amazon  RDS will significantly change how you interact with your  data  

Lift-and-Shift Migration to AWS

BTT Cloud team will accelerate your AWS migration by starting with lift-and-shift of your business-critical applications.

    Better visibility of your AWS with CloudCheckr®  
Based on synergy with

         Better visibility and insight to  lower costs, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your AWS resources.  

"The largest and most advanced cloud platform in the world together with the expertise of BTT Cloud professionals ensure that your business data and applications are stored in a secure and highly available environment”
Vytenis Sakalas, Head of Cloud @ BTT Cloud

Success Stories

When you think about it now, then we had no other choice. Either migrate, or close. From the very beginning of the collaboration, BTT Cloud has exceeded our expectations. Instead of a traditional database, they offered a serverless database, which in our case, for the same price doubled the performance. We have removed SSL and implemented a number of changes that do not require refactoring the main code. Also, separately have been arranged firewalls, networking and security rules.

We succeeded due to mutual approach to problem solving and direct informal communication. Using task/incident management tools we solved problems on an ongoing basis and formal procedures can disrupt migration.


Amazon Web Services - AWS®

AWS is one of Cloud pioneers and visioners, and it has rightfully been on the top of public cloud providers for the past decade. It's therefore been one of the top choices in organizations on the verge of public cloud adoption.
AWS features over 200 different services, providing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services, reaching far beyond the traditional IaaS virtual server hosting, which might speed up your development of your services, or allow to replace your legacy server with a cost-efficient PaaS service, which requires significantly less maintenance than your old solution.
Our AWS management services allow you to use the world-renowned Cloud platform and effortlessly expand infrastructure as your business grows. At the same time, the AWS platform can help you save costs - you only pay for what you use. You can also be sure that your data is stored in a reliable and secure global Cloud infrastructure. Our management and monitoring services will take care of your day-to-day Cloud operations so you can focus on the core business of your organization rather than on infrastructure management.
We will help you not only with standard computing or data storage services, but also with the market-leading AWS-specific serverless services that allow you to scale your business globally and withstand unpredictable “Black
Friday“ loads.

Our Partners

BTT Cloud and Solutionlab Production went into partnership to joint their consulting resources within AWS.
"By having extensive experience in business applications development and hosting, ranging from web application and/or database schema releases to deploying infrastructure,- now our joint team also helps our clients to define most suitable, most cost effective, most relevant to their specifics, transformation/migration into new digital business landscape."
Zoja Antuchevic, Deputy director
Together with Syntricks we can help you significantly improve your (AWS) and applications’ security by making security design & testing as an integral part of your development and operations.
"By combining the IT infrastructure management expertise of BTT Cloud team and our passion for IT security we are able to provide a an excellent service to our clients. Together we ensure that your systems are more stable and more resilient to cyber attacks. We also help you to integrate the IT security processes into your development life cycle"
Vytautas Paulikas, Founder of Syntricks
BTT Cloud is first to introduce CloudCheckr to make life easier for AWS users in the Baltic states
This partnership not only introduces new CloudCheckr services to existing AWS customers in Baltic states, but also enables BTT Cloud to deliver clients greater and more timely insights, automation, and optimization.

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• Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and
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Customers stories

“When I think again, we didn't have much of a choice” - CEO of Tablein

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