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Because each client’s requirements, challenges, and concerns are different, at BTT Cloud, no single cloud adoption journey is the same. Our highly personalised approach to each client and deep-dive into its operations help discover the best possible solutions. We are here to prepare you for the journey with answers, effective strategies and support until you succeed.
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At BTT Cloud, we understand that every client's needs are unique, and no journey to the Cloud is the same. Many questions and challenges occur along the way and we are here to answer these questions, and provide you with the information you need. Let us help you.
We are new to the Cloud
We use both Cloud and Traditional Infrastructure
We are taking advantage of the
Cloud and are scaling fast

FAQ: We are new to the Cloud

Q: How do we know whether the Cloud will positively impact our organisation?

A: It’s extremely important to approach this questions from the broader perspective by assessing your current infrastructure, business aims, and priorities to determine the best solution, whether it’s cloud or dedicated infrastructure.

Q: There are so many platforms available, how do we choose the right one?

A: One solution might only fit one organisation. After the cloud readiness assessment, BTT Cloud experts will recommend a solution that best meets the requirements and challenges of the organisation. They might propose one platform or a combination of more than one.

Q: Are applications used by the company ready to be moved to the Cloud?

A: This question is one of the crucial points and primary considerations of the cloud readiness assessment.  After careful examination, BTT Cloud experts will determine how ready the applications and workloads are to be transferred to the Cloud and what changes should be implemented to ensure a smooth migration.

Q: Is our data secure in the Cloud?

A: Security is our top priority and primary concern. When evaluating the current infrastructure, we seek out and address vulnerabilities, compliance risks and governance problems. Likewise, additional security measures are employed to ensure data safety in the Cloud, such as constant monitoring, firewalls, data backups, and more.

Q: What are the costs? I’m not sure we can afford the Cloud

A: One benefit of partnering with a managed service provider like BTT Cloud is that we comprehend that one option does not fit all clients. Our highly personalised approach, which recognises budget constraints throughout both the assessment and architectural design phases, will not only help you afford the Cloud but position your business to cut costs and gain revenues as well.

Q: How do we plan the migration?

A: After the cloud readiness assessment – careful analysis of your current applications, infrastructures, and security standards – the migration roadmap will be designed according to your custom requirements which will assure the agility of your brand-new cloud environment.

Q: Will cloud computing improve the way we work?

A: Yes. A well-planned cloud strategy can free up resources, and allow the team to primarily focus on the core objectives of the business while increasing company revenues.

Q: Which environment would be the best fit: private, public, or hybrid?

A:  Choice of environment may seem a bit complex at first, as each option has benefits, and each of them could support different objectives. Comprehensive analysis and a custom plan are necessary to maximise efficiency and minimise expenditure.

FAQ: We use both Cloud and Traditional Infrastructure

Q: How do we determine whether we have the right balance between traditional and cloud infrastructure?

A: Prioritisation is the key. Determine which is the most important for the company: scalability, agility, or advanced data security? There is no need to sacrifice any of these. However, careful examination will help you make important decisions regarding infrastructure changes.

Q: Can we choose various combinations of vendors and platforms?

A: Of course. Technology evolves quickly and the options for capabilities of its application evolves at the same time. There are almost no limits to how they can be mixed and matched. The comprehensive assessment will help to establish how cloud and traditional infrastructures can be adjusted to best meet your needs.

Q: We want to be prepared, how can we plan for disaster recovery?

A: We will assist with preparing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan so that your organisation is never affected by shortages or unexpected events and will continue to operate swiftly and without interruptions.

Q: The Cloud is evolving quickly; how do we learn about the latest innovations and adopt the best practices?

A: Through 24/7 cloud monitoring, BTT Cloud identifies opportunities that are available. Continually learning about new opportunities allows our company to test the latest innovations and offer to implement them while working with clients’ infrastructures.

Q: Is our data secure in the Cloud?

A: Security is our top priority and primary concern. When evaluating the current infrastructure, we seek out and address vulnerabilities, compliance risks, and governance problems. Additional security measures are employed to ensure data safety in the Cloud, such as constant monitoring, firewalls, data backups, and more.

FAQ: We are taking advantage of the cloud and are scaling fast

Q: We scale rapidly and would like to optimise the costs. How do we do that?

A: When growing quickly, it’s extremely important to monitor cloud usage and how well the infrastructure is serving your needs. Comprehensive monitoring will be used to evaluate current efficiencies and opportunities for cutting costs.

Q: We are considering moving to another cloud platform; what would the migration process look like?

A: Whether you’re new to cloud computing or changing the platform, careful examination and planning are crucial. A trustworthy partner can identify the requirements and ensure that no loss of data occurs.

Q: What is the best way to monitor cloud usage?

A: Assessing and addressing is the key to choosing the way cloud usage should be monitored. From CPU to database monitoring, constant control of the key points enables identification of opportunities and ensures security.

Q:  Should we use multiple cloud platforms?

A: Combining platforms often offers additional benefits. Each platform provides certain features and advantages; It is important to determine how these platforms could contribute to your business goals.

How does BTT Cloud team work?

BTT Cloud‘s proven success in cloud management and managed services, in general, makes our organisation a great partner for taking your infrastructure to a higher level of success. Our unique approach will help you detect where your current infrastructure is underperforming and what opportunities could be successfully exploited.

Our partnership and expertise will help transform your cloud infrastructure into a competitive advantage while scaling in an agile, smooth and secure manner.

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