DevOps Engineer



A fantastic opportunity for DevOps engineers, to join the growing BTT Cloud – part of Skaylink DevOps team specializing in providing contemporary Managed DevOps services for international companies.

As DevOps Engineer you will get involved in challenging and varied work with daily exposure to a variety of clients, global distributed applications, bespoke projects and cutting-edge technologies. Being empowered with trust, methods, tools and learning-platforms you will not only add value to the teams and projects but will also participate in refining our direction of Cloud and DevOps services that will make an impact.


1. Ability to communicate efficiently in a customer facing environment

2. Ability to organize multiple complicated processes under uncertain conditions - prioritizing, planning and scheduling skills

3. Proficiency in public clouds: AWS, Azure or GCP

4. Platform idependant CI/CD concepts relating to Docker images and Kubernetes clusters

5. Git standard branching and release strategy

6. IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation, Google Deployment Manager or Azure Resource Manager

7. Configuration Management (Ansible/Chef or similar)

8. SQL and NOSQL databases - HA setup provisioning using IaC

9. Automated unit testing, deployment testing and deployment frameworks

10. Experience with monitoring solutions, such as: Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix, DataDog, NewRelic and cloud platform native offerings


1. Opportunity to join and lead a highly skilled DevOps team and play a significant role in navigating our clients in their Cloud endeavours

2. Opportunity to make your mark in pioneering serverless computing concepts and multi-cloud architectures

3. Lucrative compensation and an additional bonus system based on the team’s and the company’s achievements

4. Tech-saturated work environment that doesn't hinder teamwork or concentration

5. No-bullshit (No-BS) as one of our key values. You are empowered to make decisions and delegate bureucratic nuances to assisting PMs

6. Healthy environment for risk-taking and a tolerance for failures

7. Ability to work closely and learn from inspiring internal and external leaders

8. Exceptional growth - we focus on continuously supporting and improving our clients solutions. A project is never a one-time task, we avoid band-aid solutions

About BTT Cloud – part of Skaylink

Founded in 2007, BTT Cloud – part of Skaylink is a managed IT and Cloud services provider of complex hybrid solutions, including cloud IaaS, PaaS and CaaS (Competence as a Service) services.

By combining an extensive portfolio of our services, relationship with industry experts and BTT Cloud competencies we bring our customers a complete end-to-end solutions that address specific needs of their business and help to stay ahead of digital disruption. Currently BTT Cloud DevOps team supports dozen of global web-applications serving customer from every continent… maybe except Antarctica.

About Skaylink

BTT Cloud is becoming a part of the cloud service provider Skaylink. Currently, Skaylink is one of the largest managed service provider in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH). The joint ambition – further expanding within the EU and become a leading Cloud Service Provider in Europe.

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Prenumeruokite BTT Cloud naujienlaiškį ir gaukite tikrai specialius pasiūlymus pirmieji!


Prenumeruokite BTT Cloud naujienlaiškį ir gaukite tikrai specialius pasiūlymus pirmieji!

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