BTT Cloud became Sophos GOLD Partner

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly significant and integral part of business and public sector IT infrastructure and managed IT services.                                                                                                                        

Towards the end of the year - another great achievement. BTT Cloud became Sophos GOLD partner.                      

“It was not easy. Many employees had to make a strong effort to get certificates that ensure the necessary expertise in the field of cyber security“, says Eduardas Gebenis, Head of BTT Cloud Service Department.

BTT Cloud customers willingly choose Sophos software and hardware to ensure their security.                                

The arguments are obvious. Sophos provides overall security for both the client computer (endpoint), network and servers.                                                                                                                                                                    

According to Sales Project Manager Ervin Rizgelis, we have both the best experience in the market and enough practice to deal with the increasingly complex cybersecurity challenges.                                                                    

First and foremost, Sophos Gold partners need to prove their competence, as well as their ability to organize software sales, implement it well, and significantly expand their customer base.                                                        

More information on Sophos business solutions can be found here.                          

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December 13, 2019




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