Darius Grigaliunas: "We do not sell unfulfilled promises“

„BTT Cloud“ Head of Sales Department Darius Grigaliunas frankly says:  business, choosing a provider of managed IT services requires the highest quality of service and prompt service, efficient communication and attractive pricing. Desires are simple, but is it easy to fulfill them?

Service quality

The key parameter of IT service quality is their uninterrupted, efficient and fast troubleshooting, so that business could achieve its goals without interruption and no technical failures would interfere with daily work. What does this mean?

The managed services provider must not only ensure the stable operation of the entire IT infrastructure, but also anticipate and prevent potential future risks. While working with clients, I see the importance of in-depth consulting on planning and optimizing IT infrastructure.

Speed of service delivery

"How quickly will you do one thing or another in case of an emergency, how quickly would you increase the volume of services or how would you respond to an emergency," most of the time, customers ask me.

You can always say "as soon as it is happens". But we can only measure real speed when those unexpected situations happen.

Servicing more than 5500 workplaces in Lithuania and abroad, we have accumulated rich practical experience. The speed of service delivery is maximized by dedicated technical account manager, who will always answer the phone when needed and take personal care to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Technical account manager is like a client's IT infrastructure manager who carries personal and moral responsibility to their employer and client to do the best they can in an emergency.

Technical account manager highly aware of customer's IT infrastructure, can quickly manage accidents causes, can dispatch technicians to the scene quickly, or remotely resolve incidents when needed.

Our technical account managers – highly qualified, experienced and certified professionals who have solved a number of customer requests in a timely manner.


Smooth communication between the customer and the service provider seems a matter of course. However, we are constantly hearing from potential customers that they are tired of daily attempts to reach an existing supplier, I quote: "Boring knock until they hear me".

To grow, dominate the market and remain attentive to customers is a great challenge that not everyone can handle.

Another thing is continuous communication when employees change. Customers say: "A good technician came out, another came in, everything had to be shown and explained again and we don't know everything ourselves".  

No managed service provider can promise no change in technical staff, but must take the responsibility that these changes will not affect the quality and continuity of the services provided.

One other thing I often come across: communication must be accurate. We encounter cases where customers come frustrated because they did not receive what they expect. False, inaccurate communication about the services provided, their volumes, prices and terms can lead to serious failure and serious reputational problems.

Therefore, in my work I always follow the attitude that what the client expects, what has been spoken orally must be impeccably fulfilled in practice. In other words, the supplier must keep his promises in order to meet the customer's expectations.‍

Reasonable relation between the price and the quality

The lowest cost of services is often the reason for poor quality IT services. Because the supplier take commitments that he is unable to fulfill.

Maintaining computer workplaces and workstations is a task that requires a high level of competence and experience. In terms of cost, hardware and software, employee time, everything costs. And yet, every honest business aims to provide quality services and make a profit from it.

I always let potential clients go down the road of lowest cost, because most of the time they return, realizing that it is impossible to get cheap, fast and high quality services.

Here, after all, is the same as when buying a property: whether you pay attention, just the price or look at what materials the house is made of.

We are constantly talking to the people in our sales team that the key is to delve deeper into the customer's task, consult, better ask several times and offer what they really needs.

Therefore „BTT Cloud“ does not sell the "unfulfilled promise". We professionally advise and guide the client in the right direction.

Customers choose us because of our broad approach, flexibility, risk management, and quick and efficient response to non-standard situations.‍

Darius Grigaliunas is Head of Sales Department at BTT Cloud.

E-mail: darius.grigaliunas@bttcloud.com

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January 24, 2020


BTT Cloud



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