Presented information system

Today, a press conference was held at the Ministry of Social Security and Labor, where Vice-Minister Daiva Augienė, manager of the project Rugilė Ladauskienė and CEO of BTT Cloud Donatas Zaveckas introduced a new information system that will be useful to carers, adoptive parents and care center staff. Carer Marija Bogušienė also attended the event.

According to Vilma Augienė, Vice-Minister of Social Security and Labor, Lithuania is still seeking a "sacred purpose" to become a country without childcare centers. "To achieve this, the work of institutions alone is not enough - the society and carers should be involved in it," said V. Augienė

"This information system and in general the whole reform is living proof that when we have will, we can manage it. Much has been done in a short time. In the information system, we can see regions that lack carers. There is much work to do in educating society, but we are sincerely proud that from the information technology side we have been able to contribute to such profound and significant changes for the society“, says Donatas Zaveckas.


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December 12, 2019




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