Vytenis Sakalas: IaC or how can cloud infrastructure withstand a hurricane?

How to build and maintain Cloud infrastructure so that it can be demolished and rebuilt at any time? And so several times a day?

How long do you think it would take to completely upgrade or rebuild your existing infrastructure from scratch? Even assuming that there is a very comprehensive documentation of the infrastructure and not a single step is missed.

Who can honestly guarantee that a system administrator will properly interpret documented information in the event of a crisis? Or that you will be able to do everything immediately from the first time? Practice is ruthless. In 99 out of 100 cases of classical infrastructure, this is not possible. Because the technical documentation does not contain enough information or is not clearly written.

But there are solutions!

The use of advanced cloud infrastructure automation management and scalability tools like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible and others, give our clients an additional essential advantage: all 100% of an organization's cloud infrastructure is no longer documented in the administrator's instructions, or as often happens, in someone's mind, but in the infrastructure automation software itself. This is precisely what is coded as "Infrastructure as Code" or IaC.

With these advanced practices, your Cloud infrastructure will become a so-called disposable platform, by automating the process of providing, configuring, releasing, and destroying Cloud infrastructure and platform services, which applies to both development and testing, and production environment management. These practices eliminate obscure aspects of infrastructure, as each time the infrastructure, like a lizard's tail, must be created the same, without any exceptions or differences.

IaC allows you to build a dynamic Cloud infrastructure so that resources can be easily created, destroyed, modified, moved, scaled up or down. In my mind, this is what fundamentally makes Cloud a Cloud.

Once the Cloud infrastructure is built using IaC, you will be able to build your information systems, applications, assuming that the Cloud infrastructure will be dynamic and adaptable to any required changes mentioned above.

“BTT Cloud“ DevOps team is working to help customers spend their time developing their product and value, not to hassle with expensive but inert Cloud infrastructure and outdated platforms.

Vytenis Sakalas is the commander of the Cloud Division at “BTT Cloud“, who over many years of work has accumulated a tremendous amount of practical cloud management experience.

Want to know more about the Cloud opportunities, need advice or consultation? Please feel free to contact vytenis.sakalas@bttcloud.com

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January 29, 2020




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