Competence as a Service

Accelerate your business with Competence as a Service (CaaS)

If there's a lack of knowledge or qualified staff in a company, usually one decides to take them on. But what if the right IT professional is rare to find in the market or costs more that an organization can afford? Or the competencies are in need just for a particular project?

Competence as a Service (CaaS) solves all these challenges. From now on, you can use our expertise as a service: order when you have an assignment.

Competence as a Service benefits

IT support when you need it
Is your company lacking specific internal IT competencies? Are you running a project which requires additional IT expertise? Or did you face an unexpected problem in your IT infrastructure? Our experts with required competencies will help you immediately.
Broad knowledge and high qualification
Our specialists are experts in different parts of IT infrastructure management, they continuously improve their knowledge and test it in practice, therefore they are one of the best IT specialists in the country.
Concentration of competencies
We integrate all competencies into one: we know in detail what expertise and knowledge our specialists have, so we can assign a task to the specialist with required competencies and have their stock. This means that you will not use the services of a particular specialist, but rather a competence, which won't go on holiday or get sick.
You won't have to wait until your employee finds the time in a day for the assignment. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals will help to ensure that the necessary competencies are available when needed. Are you planning an additional project? No problem, we can offer as much expertise as you need.
Reduced costs
You won't have to pay wages and related taxes, cover holidays, training, business trips, and other work-related expenses, we will take care of these costs so your expenses will be significantly reduced.

Expertise of BTT Cloud professionals

BTT Cloud employs more than 40 IT professionals of a different kind, whose expertise and knowledge help manage complex IT infrastructures of the clients. Experts can perform different tasks:

IT engineer competency tasks

- Resolve malfunctions of workstations and other office equipment
- Consult on more efficient use of office equipment
- Prepare workstations for use
- Install and test software packages.

IT manager and IT project manager competency tasks

- Carry out an IT infrastructure audit and provide recommendations regarding IT infrastructure management of a company
- Prepare a strategic management and development plan for IT infrastructure of a company
- Calculate the necessary costs and prepare the budget for IT infrastructure management
- Communicate with the third-party suppliers, coordinate relationships with them and secure the dialogue between business and IT.

System administrator competency tasks

- Resolve malfunctions of computer systems
- Perform computer, server configuration and optimization tasks
- Design and implement non-standard computer and server system architectures
- Design, implement and test disaster recovery solutions.

DevOps competency tasks

- Develop projects of various sizes, create tools and systems
- Develop and maintain advanced (e.g. container) platforms for developers
- Automate and optimize the operation of systems
- Address bugs related to both programming and server part.

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