Disaster Recovery

No one can foresee the future, but you can prepare for it.

The most effective preparation anticipates and manages risk. We don’t just wait for accidents to happen. We prepare in advance for any contingency and have a sequence of processes in place to ensure timely restoration, continuity, and compliance in case of casualties. BTT’s disaster recovery solution prevents a worst-case scenario, providing peace of mind.
Many organisations think that a disaster recovery plan should only be deployed when a hurricane, tsunami, flood or other natural disaster strikes. Practice shows that is simply not the case. Human errors, viruses, ransomware attacks along with other accidents are the type that frequently result in the loss of data.

When a disaster occurs, organisations without a comprehensive disaster recovery plan not only risk losing valuable data, but the accident could also damage customer loyalty, brand image, and the company’s overall reputation.

BTT’s disaster recovery solution is for:

  • Clients who host their production environment at BTT Cloud
  • Clients who host their production environment on-premises, in-house
  • Clients who host their production environments with another hosting provider

How we can help

The best way to avoid downtime is to eliminate single points of failure. As redundancy is added, the ability to restore improves as well. Based on risk tolerance, our experts will help set up a disaster recovery plan that is adjusted to meet your recovery objectives and budget.

Zero Tolerance

Our Zero Tolerance solution provides uninterruptable and near immediate recovery of your infrastructure, applications, and data through a configuration that mirrors the production systems. Dedicated space at the data centre and infrastructure will ensure that mission-critical applications are accessible in case of an accident.

Low Tolerance

Our Low Tolerance solution provides near real-time recovery of infrastructure, data, and applications through a data centre configuration. Data and systems synchronise periodically, allowing recovery based on aged data gathered from the last synchronisation or when the current information is restored. This solution is the best fit for organisations that can tolerate a few hours of downtime.

Medium Tolerance

Our Medium Tolerance solution provides recovery of the infrastructure, applications and data through the configuration and restoration of back-ups available at the disaster recovery location. This solution does not include a prior data or systems mirroring and is recommended for the non-mission-critical applications and organisations that do not need constant availability.

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