GDPR Compliance

BTT Cloud security experts will help your company meet the requirements of GDPR

We offer an original approach to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. It’s not simply a regulation, but a chance to strengthen relationships with your partners, customers, and employees.

BTT Cloud’s team can help you take full advantage of an unavoidable GDPR implementation, no matter which stage of the journey you’re in. We can execute a practical solution that will help you meet the compliance requirements and use your data in a more strategic manner.
Certain requirements do arise from the GDPR and failing to comply can result in financial penalties
Nonetheless, it also presents an opportunity. Data is the core and the most valuable resource of every organisation and owning data that is organised, clean, safe, and accessible will help you work more productively and move ahead of your competition.

BTT Cloud’s team can help you take advantage of both sides of the GDPR:

  • Comply with requirements set by regulators, partners, and customers
  • Instil trust in your systems and data usage patterns
  • Equip employees with the proper knowledge of data management

How does it work?

  • Use a strategic approach to the GDPR by meeting compliance requirements and exploiting the business opportunity at the same time
  • Build trust through data management procedures
  • Assistance from A to Z: GDPR readiness assessment, implementation, and monitoring

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