IT Infrastructure Audit

Be aware of your company’s infrastructure and its abilities

Through BTT’s IT Infrastructure Audit services, we will carefully examine technical and managerial aspects of your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations for efficient management.

Business agility is a necessity in such a rapidly changing environment. BTT’s IT Infrastructure Audit includes many processes to examine physical hardware to determine its health, performance, server utilisation and energy consumption. The managerial side of IT infrastructure is also examined, including system architectures, adoption of modern technologies, and strategic thinking.
BTT’s IT Infrastructure Audit will:
Our infrastructure audit starts with evaluating the system’s internal control design and effectiveness, using best industry standards as the benchmark. A review of design and performance of protocols, their usage, and IT governance in general is included.

Proactively review the infrastructure to be aware of possible vulnerabilities ahead of time

Reduce the risk of security and data privacy breaches

Ensure that your company meets compliance and overall industry IT infrastructure standards

Reduce the risk of interruptions with the proper business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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